The GrInHy consortium consists of 8 partners from 5 different EU countries. These include industrial and technology specialized SMEs (sunfire), large industries (SZMF, SZFG, BR&T-E), universities (POLITO) and private research organizations (VTT, EIFER, IPM).

Whereas sunfire will design and manufacture the reversible SOC generator, BR&T-E will be responsible for the hydrogen processing unit to meet the required hydrogen qualities. Salzgitter Flachstahl will act as system operator in a relevant industrial environment of an integrated iron and steel works.

Project-accompanying, university and non-university research institutions will be responsible for necessary research on improvements regarding the SOC technology, the gas processing and materials. Furthermore, life cycle assessment (LCA) will underline the positive ecological effect of green hydrogen via a reversible SOC generator.

All in all the consortium is composed of an experienced group of partners capable of achieving the objectives of the GrInHy project and creating a significant impact in the field of renewable hydrogen production.


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