GrInHy’s mission is the operation of a high-temperature electrolyzer as reversible generator (rSOC, reversible Solid Oxide Cell) in the industrial environment of an integrated iron and steel work. The concept assesses the system’s flexibility to produce either hydrogen or electricity. In case of hydrogen production, the produced hydrogen shall be used on-site in annealing processes substituting hydrogen based on fossil hydrocarbons.
The project’s outcomes shall result in the development of a reversible generator based on the SOC technology towards a marketable product.

GrInHy’s mission addresses the following challenges:

  • Integrating the system into the existing infrastructure of energy and media supply
  • Meeting the hydrogen quality standards needed in the steel industry
  • Assessing potential of integrating volatile renewable energy sources by using appropriate generation profiles in simulations, lab and field tests
  • Preferably using waste heat from high-temperature processes
  • Lab testing of process gases from the iron and steel production processes as a fuel when operating the system in a reversible mode
  • Assessing the techno-economic feasibility using the steel industry as an example
  • Developing dependable system cost data
  • Elaborating a valid exploitation Roadmap