Project Specific Research

Solid Oxide Cell and Stack Development

  • Cell materials will be improved, esp. glass sealings and interconnectors
  • Test on long-term stability and degradation will be conducted on stack level (at least 10,000 h operation), degradation target is less than 1 % / 1000 h
  • Corrosion properties and protective coatings will be examined


 SOEC and RSOC System

  • Scale up of stack module from 4 to 6 ICMs to increase power Level
  • Raise of power level per stack
  • Proof of fuel flexibility in SOFC mode
  • Proof of RSOC ability to produce high quality renewable hydrogen for onsite use or vehicles
  • Integration of a RSOC system in an existing plant with benefits for both sides


Natural Gas Processing 

  • Improved natural gas processing via catalytic reforming in varying conditions without catalyst coking